Inner Learning with YTT

Yoga teacher training is so much more than just doing yoga. With yoga teacher training we learn how to release and relinquish. We are taught about tools to use and learn how to apply them to our own lives.

I like to think yoga teacher training transformed the way I looked at life and at myself. At first, you may think it’s a lot, especially since all the information is right there. Right there in one convenient place. With the teachings, we learn how to go within ourselves. A journey that we don’t even realize we need. If you’re reading this blog the universe may be offering you the opportunity you have been searching for.

Do you want to hear something ironic? I had never attended a yoga class, heck I didn’t even know what yoga was. I was a new mom the second time around, and I needed something. I wasn’t sure what but I knew I needed something. Scrolling through facebook one night I came across a local listing for a yoga intern. That was the start of my self-discovery.

If you are like me and have never know what yoga even was. There is no better place to learn from than Edge Yoga School. The school’s mission is to spread the love and need for yoga, and all it encompasses, to the masses.

Does this sound like just what you are looking for? If your answer is yes it’s as easy as signing up and start learning instantly. Does it get better?