Mommy Gut

Who has one?

Who actually and honestly listens to it?

Who believes that it’s the smartest part of your body?

I’ll tell you now, moms are blessed with intuition. Which I tenderly like to refer to as our mommy gut. You know, that feeling, when you're grocery shopping and someone is just a little too attentive to your child. Or that pit in your stomach when you just know something isn't right. Those times that cause others to label you, ”The paranoid mommy” Later to find out your gut was absolutely correct and justified.

Do you vocalize your mommy gut? I was just having a chat with a fellow mommy, who had been in the same situation. Mommy gut doesn't always apply to our children. We carry that into life. The simple conversation brought forth this sense of relief. She had been wanting to talk to someone about the same feeling she had in her gut. I was so glad I brought it up to her. So many make me, and my mommy gut, feel like we are that possessive and obsessive mommy. But when is it crossing the line too much? Is that really something that we should decide for anyone? Just like the way we dress or the way we eat, everyone has their own style and choices. That too applies to the way they want to look at life and believe what they believe.

I teach my kids to believe in themselves, and all they are capable of. I also teach them we don't judge. We don't get to decide that one way, is better than the other. I like to live as an open book, when it comes to educating my customers children. I teach my kids to respect that that is our family and the way we choose to communicate with one another. We don't inflict expectations that others learn or live the same way we do. We also don't inflict our opinions on others. Life is made up of different tastes, opinions and views. The only thing that we need. Is to stay true to who we are. Not what others or the trend of the time expects you to be. My mommy wish is, that in time, these life lessons, will create a gut of gold. A gut that will know, no matter what anyone else thinks or says, their gut will never lead them wrong.