Always asking why

Always asking why

Why am I feeling this way?

Why do I feel a sense of sadness with no definitive reason?

Why are there days I feel on top of the world one minute, then lower than low the next minute?

Before anyone goes into diagnosing me I do know what is wrong. I am not proud to admit it but I do suffer from anxiety and depression.

I come from a long line of chemical dependence. In all my studies I learned that this is not genetic. I always wondered why a high percentage of my family suffered from this disease, yet I don’t. I let fear consume me. I didn’t touch alcohol until my actual 21st birthday. By then I was just sick of not knowing if this was my destination. Little did I know I have the control of my future. Genetics don’t define my future.

Unfortunately, anxiety and depression isn’t something you just get to wake up and their gone. The light at the end of the tunnel I can help my teenager understand why she can’t define her “why” behind her undefined sadness.

I have already embraced the life of essential oils they have assisted. My new path is looking towards CBD oil. I’m in research mode. Before anyone contacts me, know I do my research. So you can guarantee I already have my educator on the sidelines. That's another blog to come. Keep an eye out for ”CBD, friend or foe”

Can you imagine all the diseases that would and could be remedied naturally if we happily understood our minds and bodies. That sometimes life isn’t flower and rainbows. I have my ups and downs. The best gift I have is the acceptance and realization that I need to learn more and embrace that change can happen. It just takes knowledge, understanding, and action.

Knowledge is power. Take the time to listen to your mind and body. The question isn't ”What is wrong with me?”

The question is ”How and what can I do to feel better?” I always add naturally to any solution.