Invest in YOU

It may be pouring rain outside ☔️ but there is some serious sunshine in this cup! ☀️ It all comes down to your HEALTH! 

Shakeology replaces one meal per day and comes to $3.84 a shake. Think about how much you spend on lunch every day or grabbing a few coffees during the day? You spend more than $4 at the Starbucks or Dunkin drive through! 

You can easily spend on the low end of $10 daily on breakfast and coffee so in reality you are saving $6 a day which comes to $180 a month in savings!!! Here is a list of all of the money I SAVE every month by drinking Shakeology:

✅ Grocery bill (I no longer buy a ton of stuff to make my own shakes or buy "breakfast" foods)

✅ No monthly multi vitamin (it's all in Shakeology)

✅ No Probiotics (it's in Shakeology)

✅ No prebiotics (those are in there, too)

✅ No more buying digestive enzymes (they are in Shakeology)

✅ No more buying expensive Omega 3s

✅ No trips to the vending machines (it curbs your cravings!)

✅ No more anti inflammatories or countless other supplements

Oh, and it has a money back guarantee even if your bag is EMPTY!!!! You literally have nothing to lose by drinking it for 30 days, except maybe a pants size. 

I’m working on my next size down already lost one 😉 

Questions? Take a look around