So Easy for you, Say What? 😳


Working out is so easy for you. You’re so fit and you teach for a living. These are some of the comments I get when I inquire about why others don’t find their fun in fitness.

Let me drop some reality. I am not a naturally fit person. When I was going through my separation, now divorce. A svelt, sexy body became my purpose. I mean let’s face it who’s going to want a single mom of a toddler, at the time. But who can say no to a hot and toned mom. This was my mindset when I first decided to take “losing weight” to a obsessive level


Before this realization and complete focus of fight or flight, I had serious weight issues. Especially for my 5’5 frame I wasn’t healthy. I was in a pretty bad relationship in my twenties and I used food to remedy that confusion and “why me” mindset. But that’s another blog post for the future.

I have the hardest time working out. Some days it’s really easy and other days I self-defeating. If you don’t believe me come on over to Torisandra Fit . There you’ll see my always up and down yo-yoy weight loss and weight gain.

Seriously Cass where are we going with this. Well, let me get to it. Even though I fall I never stay down. I may go missing for a few months. But they never have to send out the search party.

If you can take anything away from this. Take this, it’s work. A kind of work that pays you in a way that is priceless. The hardest part of weight loss, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, are you ready for it?? It’s all MINDSET. That’s truly the defeat that is causing such obesity in our society.

If we all decided to take each day to turn one negative into a positive, that’s food for the soul and self-esteems.


Here is an amazing challenge

Day 1-30

  1. negative into a positive

  2. 2 negatives into a positives

  3. 3 negatives into a positives

  4. 4 negatives into a positives

You get the gist. The hope is by the time you get to 30 days negative thoughts will be less and positivity will be more. Once the love of yourself is achieved then the love of your health and wellness is just another envisioning and action away.

My saving grace.

Find your motivation.

What gets a smile on your face?

What makes you start dancing around?

Even if it means starting with something simple and out of your daily routine, that’s more than yesterday. Make the goal to do more.

Move more, love yourself more, and know and truly believe you deserve more.

There’s always two responses? 🤔

Crafting can bring two kinds of thinking.

😮 I’m so not that person!


Bring it on I need to craft this chaotic mind away.

The sad truth is anyone, and I do mean anyone can craft. The stigma, the ending result has to be a masterpiece of ultimate proportions. There’s that negative mind trying to take away a sweet piece of zen.

It is not the outcome of crafting, it’s the creating process. It’s the release of everything into the movement of your hands. When chaos arises I need to either workout to release or craft. If I want that double-decker euphoria, I do both.

Being creative without expectation of an outcome. This is an amazing tool that so many of us take for granted.

I’m not an artist

I’m so not a creative person

I could never do that

All mindset that defeats the process before we even get started. Next time you just need a mindless way to release stress, start to doodle. Draw random shapes. You know the kind we learned how to draw in kindergarten. You’d be amazed how shapes turn into stories without even trying. You may surprise yourself and find a hidden creative bone that’s been shaking in fear all these years.

I joined Chalk Couture to take the guesswork out of creating. Oh no she’s selling! No, I’m defining my pic. I’m in no way an artist. I leave that to my very talented daughters. With this creative outlet and freedom, I feel like an artist. Plus the art is not all in the finished product. It’s also in the creating adventure. The blueprint of creativity that brings forth that finished product. That’s why I love inking clothes. It’s mindless yet immensely cathartic. I can’t mess it up. If I do I soon discover it’s a beautiful “mess up”

Let go off assumption and try something new. Who cares if “you’re not that person”

Isn’t it more about the journey than the destination? I tend to think so.


Always asking why

Why am I feeling this way?

Why do I feel a sense of sadness with no definitive reason?

Why are there days I feel on top of the world one minute, then lower than low the next minute?

Before anyone goes into diagnosing me I do know what is wrong. I am not proud to admit it but I do suffer from anxiety and depression.

I come from a long line of chemical dependence. In all my studies I learned that this is not genetic. I always wondered why a high percentage of my family suffered from this disease, yet I don’t. I let fear consume me. I didn’t touch alcohol until my actual 21st birthday. By then I was just sick of not knowing if this was my destination. Little did I know I have the control of my future. Genetics don’t define my future.

Unfortunately, anxiety and depression isn’t something you just get to wake up and their gone. The light at the end of the tunnel I can help my teenager understand why she can’t define her “why” behind her undefined sadness.

I have already embraced the life of essential oils they have assisted. My new path is looking towards CBD oil. I’m in research mode. Before anyone contacts me, know I do my research. So you can guarantee I already have my educator on the sidelines. That's another blog to come. Keep an eye out for ”CBD, friend or foe”

Can you imagine all the diseases that would and could be remedied naturally if we happily understood our minds and bodies. That sometimes life isn’t flower and rainbows. I have my ups and downs. The best gift I have is the acceptance and realization that I need to learn more and embrace that change can happen. It just takes knowledge, understanding, and action.

Knowledge is power. Take the time to listen to your mind and body. The question isn't ”What is wrong with me?”

The question is ”How and what can I do to feel better?” I always add naturally to any solution.


Be Grateful

Today when your boss makes you mad.

Be grateful you have a job

When you get cut off in traffic.

Be grateful you're not that rushed and angry

When your kids yell back

Be grateful for their love

When you spill coffee on your shirt

Be grateful for that shirt

When you trip going up the stairs.

Be grateful for your feet

When you forget something on your list

Be grateful you need a list

When you have to wait in line.....

Be grateful and

Smile anyway.

Choose happiness anyway.

Be grateful anyway.

It won't be easy.

But if we CHOOSE how we react--the small things won't become big.

We all have a lot to be grateful for.

Wake with a Grateful Heart ♥️


Now that's a bath

Who's experienced a gong bath? I have to say it was a bit intimidating. Meditation doesn't come easy to me. The slowing down isn't a strong suit of mine. We are forever the student if we intend to grow and prosper as each day passes.

Back to the gong bath. At first, it felt loud. All of a sudden nothing existed except the sounds. I wish I could reveal more. But that would be tarnishing an experience that is a personal journey for each of us.

Try something that you fear. Experience something out of your comfort. Learn something new. Go somewhere alone. If not for the experience then for the pleasure of saying I lived a little more today.



Is it snowing?

Is it raining?

Is it cold outside?

It is so amazing how we miss so much being plugged in. Hey, don’t judge me. I’m sharing my message at the gym riding the bike.

Hmm is that better?

Probably not!

I need to remind myself daily that the best things in life are right in front of us! Take the time to unplug and be present. I almost missed this moment by focusing on what if, instead of right now. Great fall day! I absolutely love ❤️ spending time with the loves of my life.

Lets take sometime to flip our mindset. Instead of thinking why me? Why not think, what can I learn? What is the universe waking me up to. What do I need to clear out of my path to allow what is meant be through. Remember you’re reading. You’re healthy and breathing the air of life. We tend to take the simple things for granted.

Like the lotus flower. We need to rise through the mud and the muck to grow and blossom beautiful and strong.

Sometimes real life is needed and unplugging is required.


Don't give a Flip

The battle of the good and bad of social media. This shot was taken back in 2016 I copied the Instagram caption. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was so worried to post it.

The poetry of the movement. The awe that my little girl took the pic. Days before I could even afford the apple watch I wear today. That usually take the pics I take today.

My inner argument before posting.

  • It's too sexy

  • It's too inappropriate

  • Too much skin

  • People will think I'm arrogant

The list goes on and on. Now, after all of my personal growth and education, I could care flipping less. I say take the pic. Be proud! This was work and I was proud. Especially when my daughter said I looked so pretty.

Love You and all the fearless steps you take each day. With each step they get easier. Soon you won't give a flip.

My original caption:

My life is in such a different place! Thanks to #Piyo and the #healthylife and #cleanliving choices I decided to take and embrace as my own. #fitnessissexy #muscleisbeautiful my little girl begged to be my photographer. So proud my three year old she took the pic! #shakeologyresults #l4l #toningitup #chalenejohnson obsessed #piyostrength


Practice brings progress

So proud of me! My first chakrasana also known as yogawheelpose I couldn't do this in April. Staying committed and choosing a healthy lifestyle, working out everyday in someway, brought success! Here I am fabulousat40

I'm looking forward to fabulousat50 such a simple choice. Decide to commit to yourself and progress.

Progress to a place you didn't realize was possible.


Yes it's out there.

”Really mom we can pick our own vegetables?” I was a bit shocked to hear her ask. Sometimes we forget our kids need to be taken out of the box of society once in awhile.

Even if they call you lame and jump on that phone, take a minute to kick them off and outside for a breath.


Goofy is a good thing

Sometimes life is just too serious. If we don't take the time to embrace our ”goofy” what kind of a message are we sending. To ourselves, our kids and the negativity that already surrounds us.

Take some time to get your goofy on. Remember laughs are always more fun with company.


Make a Big Deal

So big deal it's just another day. Birthdays have never been a big thing to me. I never really treated it as a celebration of life. I treated this day as another day getting older. When you change your view, your eyes open to what you have missed. The life that you have taken for granted. Bringing the realization I need to embrace each passing day. The clarity that life is a blessing, is the best gift I have given myself. Don’t take your days, and moments for granted. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.



Little Eyes are watching

Those little eyes follow us in everything we do. They are always watching. What do you want them to take into their future learning? 

My goal is to teach and share how amazing and fun a healthy lifestyle is. 

Find the fun that brings you to healthy heart, healthy living and a life you would want to see for your children 


Solar Powered Happy

My daughter gave me the best compliment. “You’re a solar powered mom!” Why is this such a compliment? Before this journey, I was a big supporter of blackout curtains.

My anxiety overtook my life and fear controlled every aspect of me. I didn’t know what was wrong or why. It’s a long story that I won’t throw up all over. 

Long story short. I’m a #solarpoweredproudmom


Don’t tell me you can't

I may be a day late but I DID IT!!! I couldn’t stand @autumncalabrese when I started with @beachbody she was so tiny. So athletic and I really believed nobody could do what she did. 

Here I am two of her programs later.

I committed and crushed 80 day obsession

Here I am again a 43 year old mom with two kids, 👭 and two csections. 

Crushed  21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme.  I judged a book by its cover when I started 21 day fix years ago. 

I blamed my insecurities

I made excuses for my weakness 😩

I let my negative mind defeat me

I will never go back there again 🥰

Don’t tell me it’s too late 😤

Don’t tell me you don’t have time 😠

Don’t tell me yt.

When you tell me all this you’re also training your confidence and your mind to fail. Turn those negatives and just take a step each day to a more positive way. 

I can 👍 do this 

I  have🙋🏻‍♀️ 30 minutes a day 

I want a better life 💗

I want to run with my kids 

I don’t want to hurt anymore ❤️

I want to love me before it’s too late 

I did it! We can do it together. Please never give up on yourself. You’re love for yourself is the one that should be the strongest love you have ever fel#torisandra.


Mommy Gut

Who has one?

Who actually and honestly listens to it?

Who believes that it’s the smartest part of your body?

I’ll tell you now, moms are blessed with intuition. Which I tenderly like to refer to as our mommy gut. You know, that feeling, when you're grocery shopping and someone is just a little too attentive to your child. Or that pit in your stomach when you just know something isn't right. Those times that cause others to label you, ”The paranoid mommy” Later to find out your gut was absolutely correct and justified.

Do you vocalize your mommy gut? I was just having a chat with a fellow mommy, who had been in the same situation. Mommy gut doesn't always apply to our children. We carry that into life. The simple conversation brought forth this sense of relief. She had been wanting to talk to someone about the same feeling she had in her gut. I was so glad I brought it up to her. So many make me, and my mommy gut, feel like we are that possessive and obsessive mommy. But when is it crossing the line too much? Is that really something that we should decide for anyone? Just like the way we dress or the way we eat, everyone has their own style and choices. That too applies to the way they want to look at life and believe what they believe.

I teach my kids to believe in themselves, and all they are capable of. I also teach them we don't judge. We don't get to decide that one way, is better than the other. I like to live as an open book, when it comes to educating my customers children. I teach my kids to respect that that is our family and the way we choose to communicate with one another. We don't inflict expectations that others learn or live the same way we do. We also don't inflict our opinions on others. Life is made up of different tastes, opinions and views. The only thing that we need. Is to stay true to who we are. Not what others or the trend of the time expects you to be. My mommy wish is, that in time, these life lessons, will create a gut of gold. A gut that will know, no matter what anyone else thinks or says, their gut will never lead them wrong.

Time for some self care?

Who do you love the most?

What was your first answer?

My children, my husband, my dog and the list goes on.

We always forget the most important person. Who should that be?

How soon we forget that the first person on our list of love 💕 should always and forever start with ourselves. What steps do you take towards self care?

  • Spa is everything

  • Manis and Pedis for the win

  • A quiet 🤫 night of silence and a glass of wine

  • Taking a long walk

All amazing ways to take care of ourselves. Now here’s the real question. So we are at the spa, or we are getting our manis and pedis, what is our mind doing? Ahh can we answer honestly? Are we on our phones working? Are we making the list of what to do the next day? Are we making our kids agenda for the week? I can see heads shaking, yes! But I’m still taking care of me! Are you really?

Physical care is easier I believe that mental care. When we are asked about self we go right to the physical and tend to forget the mental aspect. While we are getting that mani, why not unplug. Feel the sensations of this personal time for yourself. Take a moment to breathe and release the busy thoughts and responsibilities.

Self-care is as simple as waking in the morning. Putting a big smile on your face with that hair sticking straight up, tired bags under the eyes, that last bit of sleep booger crust hanging from the corner of your eye, and looking true and honest at your real self with love and appreciation. Better yet just looking at yourself and saying how truly blessed and wonderful you are.

Affirmations are just that. Words that affirm what we teach ourselves to believe.

”You are beautiful, caring and you are going to rock this day”

That’s self-care.

So the next time someone says take some times for yourself. You don’t have to book aan extravagant moment. Or shove those kids out the door. Maybe just take a long inhale and exhale with new eyes. Instead of thinking about what isn’t bring forth what is. Instead of wishing for more be grateful for what is. Self-care is opening our eyes to what we forget and at times take for granted.