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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Here’s the scoop: affiliate marketing is like being the friend who always knows the best stuff and gets a little kickback for sharing it. Yep, it’s “social selling” in action – spreading the word and stacking up those commissions. Why not turn your social media hobby into a side hustle? It’s like getting paid to be the trendsetter you already are!

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I’m all about teaming up to shine a light on the importance of Mental Wellness! 

To be completely honest, Happy Juice found me at one of the lowest points in my life. I had just been laid off from two jobs in two years, and I was in an emotional slump like never before. It felt like the light in my heart and mind had gone out. Then, a friend from a past MLM company, which hadn’t treated its consultants well, told me about this opportunity. I decided to join as a brand partner because it was free and offered a 90-day money-back guarantee. What did I have to lose?

At that time, my hormones were all over the place because of perimenopause. My drive—both sexually and otherwise—was practically nonexistent. With 50 approaching, I had almost given up hope of ever finding my natural balance again. But then, Happy Juice found me.

If you’re reading this, there’s a reason, my friend. There’s hope, and this is your sign that you’ve found the answer. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have hesitated to invest in a business fee. But I was blessed that this community and opportunity found me.

When your purpose finds you nothing should stop you,  you’ve gotta take the leap, right? These products, company and community make it hard to believe this is a job? When you find what aligns with your true purpose and passion you go all it. Are you ready to be part of something changing lives everyday. Why not go all in with my team, we would love to have you.

Invest in you

Why Amare?

Amare isn’t your run-of-the-mill Mental Wellness company – it’s sparking a full-on revolution!

We’ve got science-backed products, top-notch supplements made from all-natural ingredients, and a treasure trove of mental wellness resources to boot. Because mental wellness isn’t just a nicety, it’s a must for a happier life.

You are not alone, read more to find out why.....

We’re your backstage crew, handing you the mic and cheering you on. This community is your ultimate hype team, ready to give your confidence wings to fly. And hey, if social media gives you the jitters, we’ve got the perfect blend of fun and fearlessness to add some zest to your online presence.

This little corner of the internet, lovingly crafted by yours truly, is a testament to my love for all things social media. When you join me, it’s like having a cheerleader in your pocket, always ready with a tip or trick to share. So, pop over to my social media pages to get a sneak peek of the fun-filled self-care journey you’re about to embark on. Remember, it’s all about you and your priceless self-worth. And remember, a little laughter goes a long way!


Benefits of a Partner

Joining the Amare family is just that. A family where we put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’! Not only do we offer a bonanza of benefits, like a whopping 38% commission, referral bonuses, and a treasure chest of resources, we also throw in cash prizes and vacations! Talk about a win-win! So whether you’re looking for financial freedom from your fluffy couch, or eager to join a revolution from your recliner, it’s time to take the plunge. Together, let’s transform your dreams into a reality – all while wearing comfy slippers!


You are so in! What Next??


Are you so ready to get this journey moving, and you are wondering ok how do I get this bus moving? If you are thinking, “Oh, this is the good stuff!” then it’s time to stop thinking and start doing! No more “I’ll mull it over” moments! Time to dive headfirst into this exciting journey. Each day should be like a mini-party for you and all the amazing people you’ll meet along the way. This is the direct sales experience you’ve been waiting for, as an affiliate marketer or brand partner. You’ll feel like you’re part of a supportive and vibrant community, all while doing something that truly matters. So, let’s not wait another day. Let’s start this fun, meaningful, and highly satisfying journey right now!


Invest in you Today

You Choose Option 1

The first Way,I am here for any questions. With a 90 day money back guarantee! What is holding you back?

Let’s turn that frown upside down and dive into the world of wellness! Let’s get to know each other and talk all about it. I have been a wellness coach for over 10 years. I know some stuff. No question is too quirky or too tiny – I’m here to guide you on this fun-filled journey. Believe me, I was once in your shoes, a little skeptical about investing in my well-being. But guess what? You have a 90-day money-back safety net! So why not take the plunge? If you’re anything like past-me, you’re keen to explore a natural solution but a bit apprehensive. I say, do it the fun way – the self-care way! It’s a method I can’t recommend enough!

Invest in yourself Financial Future and Wellness

You Choose Option 2

You’re a trailblazer, aren’t you? You’ve got the spark, the spirit, we love it! Go ahead, click that button and get started on your journey. And hey, who doesn’t love some extra savings? Use my code to get a head start on your savings game. Bundle up and save even more, isn’t that sweet? And here’s a treat from me to you, an instant $10 off with the code below. Subscribe and save even more, and remember, you’re in control.

You can cancel anytime. Ready to start your journey towards natural mental wellness?

There’s no time like the present, let’s hit the road!

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Get ready to cash in! With potential commissions up to 38%, bonuses, share pools, and product credits, the earning opportunities are endless. Simply share and watch the rewards roll in!

Earn Dream Trips

Psst… Wanna know a secret? We’ve got a shot at earning trips every year – and get this, it’s not just for the elite 1%! It’s totally doable for us regular folks too. Let’s pack our bags and make some memories

Hard Work is Rewarded

Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. As you level-up with Amare, your rewards get a serious glow-up too. Each step you take, we’re cheering you on. So, keep doing you and let the good vibes roll!

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beauty, bellame, #PrioritizeYou #MeTimeMagic #SelfLoveJourney #MommyWellness #NurtureYourself #MindfulMamas #HerTimeToShine #EmpoweredWomen #GuiltFreeSelfCare #RechargeMomLife #RadiantMe #MeFirstMindset #MomJoyRevival #EmbraceYourMeTime #BalancedMoments #SoulfulSelfCare #SelfishButSmart #MomBlissBreak #EmpowerHerSelf #MommyTimeOut, sk